Creativity, Yin Yoga and Becoming a Drone Pilot by Nelli Arnth


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One of the things I love about running my own company is being able to develop and educate myself. Being able to try out new directions. I don’t have a long-term business plan for my company. I like the flexibility and uncertainty. Perhaps it will change over time. But right now, I really feel that I am in a good place.

November came with a lot of new knowledge!

I started out the month attending Creativity World Forum (read more about it here). It gave me a great boost of motivation and inspiration.

Then I participated in a 50-hour Yin Yoga instructor education at Yoga Collective in Aarhus. How great it was doing Yin Yoga with my favourite instructors again. Digging deeper into the theory behind Yin Yoga and learning more about our nervous system (especially the parasympathetic nervous system) and connective tissue.


Finally, November was the month I became a certified Drone Pilot. It required a 3-day education at Drone Solutions. Well, it was a bit technical and I had to focus. But I passed the exam with a good result. So now I can finally start flying professionally with my Mavic Pro.


I am often asked if I’m not tired of all the driving to bigger cities to attend events, courses and so on. But I’m not. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the countryside and driving a car has always been a natural thing for me.

What matters most is having nature and tranquility just outside my door. Even though it means that I must spend some time in my car every now and then.

I always make a good cup of coffee to bring along and listen to podcasts or audio books when driving. Right now, I am listening to “The Thorn Birds”. I know. So 80s. But I guess that’s just a book every woman has to read/hear at some point of her live ;)

So, this morning when I drove towards Vejle in clear frosty weather with that kind of sunrise that paints the whole sky red. And with the love story of Meggie and Pastor Ralph de Bricassart in my ears. I sipped my coffee and thought about how good life is.



Kreativitet, Yin Yoga og Dronebevis

Én af de ting jeg holder særligt af ved at være selvstændig, er at kunne udvikle og uddanne mig. At kunne afprøve nye retninger. Jeg har ingen klart definerede langsigtede planer (udover at være glad og passioneret). For jeg kan lide fleksibiliteten og ”uvisheden”. Jeg kan lide tanken om at det er mig og min mavefornemmelse der har styringen over min virksomhed. Måske jeg ændrer mening en dag og begynder at arbejde mere langsigtet. Men lige nu føler jeg, at jeg er et ret godt sted.

November måned har i den grad budt på ny viden.

Jeg startede måneden ud med at deltage i Creativity World Forum (som I kan læse lidt om her). Det var det vildeste boost af kreativitet og nye ideer jeg længe har fået.

Så har jeg deltaget i en 50 timers Yin Yoga instruktør uddannelse hos Yoga Collective. Skønt igen at dyrke en masse Yin Yoga og lære meget mere om vores nervesystem og bindevæv.


Og sidst men ikke mindst er jeg blevet dronepilot. Det krævede et 3-dags kursus hos Drone Solutions. Det var lidt teknisk og jeg måtte holde tungen lige i munden. Men jeg afsluttede eksamenen med et godt resultat. Så nu kan jeg for alvor komme i gang med at flyve min Mavic Pro.

Jeg bliver ofte spurgt om jeg ikke er træt af altid at skulle køre efter arrangementer, kurser og lign. At skulle køre 2 timer til Aarhus eller godt 3 timer til København. Men det gør mig egentlig ikke noget. Måske er det fordi jeg er opvokset på landet og det at køre i bil altid har været en ret naturlig ting for mig.

For jeg foretrækker at have naturen og roen udenfor min dør. Og så må jeg tage køreturen til byerne når jeg har brug for eller lyst til det. Jeg laver altid en god kop kaffe til at tage med og lytter til podcasts eller lydbøger på turen. Lige pt. er jeg i gang med Tornfuglene. Rimelig 80er. I know. Men er det ikke bare en historie enhver kvinde skal læse/høre på et tidspunkt i livet? ;)

Så i morges da jeg kørte afsted mod Vejle i klar frostvejr med den type solopgang der maler hele himlen rød. Og med kærlighedshistorien om Meggie og præsten Ralph de Bricassart i ørene. Ja, så sipper jeg til kaffen og tænker at livet er ganske godt…


September Mornings by Nelli Arnth

Hönshuset Creative Studio Slow Living blog.jpg

Normally I start my working day around 8-9 am.

It depends of course on what time I went to bed. I have no alarm clock and many of you have asked me, if I'm not afraid to sleep all morning away. But that's never a problem. I just sleep until I wake up and that normally happens around 8 am.

The loft were I worked is chilled in the morning in this cold September weather so I put on a warm sweater, light up the wood stove, make my self some coffee or tea and work on my to-do list ☕️

Well there is something very special about autumn 🍁 

Autumn is here by Nelli Arnth

Hello September

Summer has passed. That went quick. 

Now autumn is here. On a day like today where the sky is grey and constant rain is falling, it actually makes me happy. I am working from the loft listening to Gem Clubs In Roses album, and it has that perfect dark mood to it. It is so quiet and nice, and makes me really happy. Soon I will be wearing a jacket and soon the outdoor colors will transform into a beautiful orange color palette. I will be making pumpkin soup with pumpkins from my vegetable garden. 

I have so many projects in the pipeline for Hönshuset. Autumn, with it's quiet and introverted energy, is a perfect invite for long working days in the studio. I can't wait! 

Happy Autumn everyone <3

Slow morning routine by Nelli Arnth

Today was one of those days where one cup of coffee turned into two at the morning table. I was spellbound by my new book "Nærmere Noget" by Simon Krohn. It gives people like me (without great knowledge about Indian philosophy) an insight into the yoga philosophy. If you want to study that field as well, you should definatly buy the book right away.

Also the sun is shining and it all makes me really happy ☀️ 

Time-off by Nelli Arnth

Books and coffee = Holiday ☕️📚

Yesterday I checked into a beautiful old beach hotel on the Danish west coast. Ahead lies a week of relaxation with my nearest family. I find it important to prioritize days off to relax and reflect especially as an entrepreneur. In that state of contemplation I allow myself time to think a little deeper. To reflect on where I'm going both personally and business-wise. 

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Sirsasana by Nelli Arnth

Yoga has been part of my life for nearly 3 years now. It helps my body cope with the many hours spent in front of the computer. When I get stuck in a assignment, I have developed different solutions on how to proceed. First of all it is about acknowledging the problem, and then to actually do something about it:

  • Make a cup of coffee and spend 15 minutes to scroll through my Pinterest feed or watch some delicious shit at NOWNESS
  • Do a headstand followed by the palm tree pose and drink a large cup of water
  • GO OUTSIDE! Get some fresh air, listen to the birds and watch your vegetable garden grow. 

Slow mornings + TED talks by Nelli Arnth

I talk about the freedom of running my own business quite a lot. But truly it is something I am very fond of. I like working late - actually I am most productive in the hours between 10 PM - 02 AM. There is something very calming about these house. I am alone in the studio (or mostly my cat keeps me company). I listen to some good music and forget about time. It is a small escape in my everyday life. I do not get disturbed, and I feel like hitting that mental state of flow. Every night bear its own possibilities.

My mornings on the other hand... are slow. Really slow. Instead of working against this rhythm I have decided to embrace it (read here or here). 

In the mornings I seek inspiration and I am always eager to learn about new thing. For example I like watching TED talks while eating my breakfast. Not only the talks about design and entrepreneurship. But talks about all kinds of topics. This routine inspired me to collect the talks I find most interesting.

So here it is: TED talks for the slow mornings - for you to use then you sit on the bus, eat your breakfast or whatever. 

Have an adventurous day everyone.

*Wikipedia definition: In positive psychologyflow... is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.