Summer is almost here / by Nelli Arnth

Last week we have had great sunny weather in Denmark. It felt like summer.

My husband and I have spent many hours outside already. Working in the garden. Cutting grass. Painting the dry woodwork around the house. Planting the vegetable garden with our curious hens in our heels. To walk around barefoot in the soil and nurse the newly planted seeds – all while the sun keeps you warm – that is something I love so much. 

Since we live close to the Wadden Sea and have a lot of trees in the garden, we also have lots of birds. These days they are all busy nesting and singing. This is something I have really learnt to appreciate. Especially the swallow both sound and looks beautiful. Right now we have two swallow couples nesting in the old barn.

Yesterday I went hunting with my husband. Sitting in silence in the hochsitz overlooking the forest. Sipping tea and reading books in the evening sun. My husband smoking his pibe while keeping a keen eye at the fields. The sun went down. 

I look forward to summer and many more small moments like these.