Yoga + Hönshuset / by Nelli Arnth

I started doing yoga 5 years ago. In the beginning, I found it hard. Especially getting hold on all the thoughts in my head. I couldn't just "be with what is" like my yoga teacher was encouraging me to do. My mind kept going in. Standing in warrior pose thinking about how I should handle a certain task at work or what to eat for dinner. When we did Savasana (the relaxation part in the end of a yoga class) my mind fled and I was all over the place - certainly not on my yoga mat.

But through years of practicing it became better and better. My flexibility, my balance and mind slowly started working together. All of a sudden I felt like I could turn on and off my yoga mode. That when I rolled out my yoga mat on the floor, it became easier to cope with my thoughts and be aware of my body. To be with what is. 

I became very happy with yoga. Not only the fact that you were drinking delicious herbal tea before starting the class - or the fact that you had to bring a soft blanket and comfortable clothes for your practice (which is totally my style ;). No, I was happy about doing yoga because of the way it made me feel. It became my breathing space. It was unlike any kind of exercise I had tried before. 

And it felt good. Really good.

It is hard to explain. If you are a yogi too, I guess you know what I mean.

After I started my company last year I kept playing around with the idea that yoga could somehow be part of Hönshuset. Becoming a yoga teacher and maybe selling yoga related products. 

I was afraid though that it could ruin my own practice to shift the focus. But I was so drawn to this world of yoga. Eager to learn more. To dig in deeper.

So last in September 2016, I started a 60-hour yoga teacher program which I finished last weekend. So I am now a fucking yoga teacher!

Also, I started trying out different yoga forms. From Acro yoga to Jivamukti yoga. And from Arial yoga to Yin yoga. It was exciting. And all of a sudden I had made agreements with a suppliers and started selling yoga hammocks, natural scented candles and cork blocks. Now I communicate with suppliers of yoga mats and yoga clothes. 

I can't wait to see where this journey is taking me.