Creativity World Forum 2017 / by Nelli Arnth

Just returned to a good friend's apartment after attending Creativity World Forum here in Aarhus. While drinking tea and wearing comfortable clothes, I kinda try to digest what I've learned these last two days.

First of all, I must say that the conference exceeded my expectations. There was something about the vibe, the people and the whole set-up that made it really satisfied to be part of. 

The program consisted of free breakfast (always a winner), keynote talks and breakout sessions. Among the keynote speakers were:

  • Stefan Sagmeister talking about why beauty matter. He was pretty much the reason why I bought the ticket in the first place.
  • Steve Vranakis (Google) that made me cry talking about the refugee crisis and how we all are (or can be) creative activists. That talk was pretty amazing.
  • Tom Kelley teaching us to use empathy and storytelling in the design thinking process
  • Indy Johar on how to rethink society and democracy through creativity
  • Jan Gehl on how to design today's cities
  • SNASK being awesome as always

I attended two breakout sessions. One at DesignIt learning about design thinking and one with Innovation Lab about artificial Intelligence.

I really recommend you to go check out some of the names. Most of these people have done TED talks or something similar. They were all really inspiring.

My head is completely bombed. All of this new inspiration, ideas and people I met is almost too much to accommodate. I guess it will take some weeks before my brain grab hold of it all. 

From there it will take months before I know what ideas and what inspiration I can actually implement into my own company. 

Now I will enjoy my tea and finish off the notes in my notebook. After that I will go to bed early. Because tomorrow starts another adventure. I am doing a 50 hour Yin Yoga education at Yoga Collective starting tomorrow at 10 am  <3