Too busy / by Nelli Arnth

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The last month has been a bit heavy/busy. That’s why I haven’t posted much on social media or the blog. I don’t have a SoMe strategy that dictates a certain number of posts each week. It simply doesn’t work for me. I post whenever I feel like it. I don’t like using the word authentic on Instagram. But I guess that’s what I try to achieve. Keeping my profiles as authentic as possible.

First, I want to state that I don’t like being busy. I never aimed for a busy life

But since August so many new and exciting projects and clients occurred. My extremely primitive “project management system” broke down and it left me with total lack of overview and with the feeling of running behind. I feel this kind of tension in my stomach immediately and knew that I had to act on this.

So, I started using a whole new way of managing my clients and assignments. I rate all my tasks after how urgent they are and how important they are. Very simple, but really helpful!
Then I take the most urgent and important tasks and put them into a simple weekly schedule.
I did a couple of other big changes too. But that’s not my point here. The point is what a crazy and educational journey it is being self-employed. It’s only been 1,5 years since I started and I feel that I’m constantly entering new phases in the process. Learning and growing in a pace I didn’t know I was capable of 🙌