Creativity World Forum 2017 / by Nelli Arnth

Hönshuset Creative Studio Slow Living blog.jpg

I have bought a ticket to Creativity World Forum in Aarhus this November 👌

It is a two-day event with speakers like Steve Vranakis, Tom Kelley, Jan Gejl, the guys behind SNASK, Indy Johar – and Stefan Sagmeister. Years back I heard Sagmeister speak in Copenhagen and I got a bit starstrucked ☺️ He is such an inspiration to me and he has been that for years.

If you don't know him you should check out his TED talks. Go see the one called "the power of time off" 🙌

Anyway, I'm super excited about participating in this event. If anyone is interested – buy a ticket and come join me 🙌