Holiday or not? / by Nelli Arnth

I have been asked wether or not I allow myself holiday and time off. I find the question important. Being a newly established entrepreneur the "right" question would be no. But in my case it is yes.

Of course I work a lot. Somedays I start around 9 am and finish at 2 am. Espacially the first months. I spent so many days, nights and weekends working hard to get a good start. But all along I knew that I had to find a balance.

For me it helped a lot to implement a simple project management system. It is a simple version of SCRUM which I organize on a small white-board. Organizing and planning excatly how much work I need to do every day, really helped me balancing my worklife. Now my work is more focused and efficient, and I prioritize holiday and time-off without feeling guilty. I even organize my physical and mental training in the model. And it works perfectly.

Because I think that holiday and time-off is extremely important. Espacially when running a company. At least it is for me. Some of the best ideas I've ever had came to me while travelling, exploring nature, relaxing or in other way getting away from my office.

In other words: If you don't make time for these small getaways, you will miss the best and most creative ideas.

So get offline. Get outside. Smell the fresh air and breath in some new ideas. Then get back to your computer and work your ass off.