Flow / by Nelli Arnth

Being a entrepreneur provides so much freedom. I decide every morning when I want to get out of bed. If I feel tired - I sleep for another hour (that is awesome). I do that quite often, since I tend to work best at night. Somewhere between 10 pm and 02 am magic happens. Or at least that is the period where I produce most, and get closest to the state of flow. 

Since learning about flow for a couple of years ago, I have been extremely interested in the topic. I am always eager to learn more about it!

This morning I watched a TED talk about flow, and I wanted to share with you some highlights. The talk was this one: Mihaly Csiksgentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness and also it is on my list over TED talks for slow mornings 

How does it feel to be in flow?

  • Completely involved in what we are doing
    — focused, concentrated. 

  • A sense of ecstasy
    — of being outside everyday reality. 

  • Great inner clarity
    — knowing what needs to be done, and how well we are doing. 

  • Knowing that the activity is doable
    — that our skills are adequate to the task. 

  • A sense of serenity
    — no worries about oneself, and a feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of the ego. 

  • Timelessness
    — thoroughly focused on the present, hours seem to pass by in minutes.

  • Intrinsic motivation
    — whatever produces flow becomes its own reward



Csiksgentmihalyi puts the state of flow this way:

You are in an ecstatic state to such a point that you feel as though you almost don’t exist. I have experienced this time and again. My hand seems devoid of myself, and I have nothing to do with what is happening. I just sit there watching it in a state of awe and wonderment. And [the music] just flows out of itself. 



- I quickly wrote three of Csiksgentmihalyi's books on my wishlist!

Have a great wednesday!