Møn - and some thoughts about how far I've come / by Nelli Arnth

We have arrived to Møn and the nature here is stunning. We spent the afternoon exploring Møns Klint, took a yoga class and drank some wine while the sun went down.

Tomorrow I will we joining the We Do Craft art and design market in Stege.

So far - this is a perfect workaway. It really warms my heart and soul to think about how far I have come. When saying this, I don't mean money-wise or hard-core business-wise. Not to say that I don't make money - because I do. But my main purpose about running my own business is to live a free, creative and happy life. To wake up every day (not only Saturday and Sunday) and be satisfied with my life. 

I don't want to live for Fridays and holidays. I want to live everyday

I want to do roadtrips to Møn with my best friend on a sunny monday. That is what I do right now.

- And it makes me so damn happy.