No alarm clock, please... / by Nelli Arnth

I am most definetly a b-person.

When the alarm clock goes off early in the morning, I used to snooze until it was absolutely necessary for me to get up, and get ready for another day at the office.

As a result mornings became chaotic and I never ate breakfast. It left me with some quite unhealthy habits.

But worst of all it made me hate mornings, which was such a shame. Because mornings are truly beautiful. I had this quote hanging on my fridge that said: I love the smell of possibility in the morning. 

I envied people who got up early reading the newspaper, slowly enjoying their morning coffee and reflecting on what the day would bring. I wanted to do that as well. 

But it was so hard for me when I had to be at the office at 8 am, and I didn't feel fully awake until noon.


This weekend I went to Aarhus once again - this time to to take part of the TEDxAarhus event.

One of the speakers (Camilla Kring, Founder of Super Navigators ApS) talked about how society is build for a-persons. Schools, workplaces, organizations and shops all work from 8-4. For late risers like me, that only gives me 4 hours of fully awakened working hours. 

But more importantly a lot of unhealthy side effects appear when being out of sync with your natural rhythm. Fx smoking and obesity.

Also she said a lot of other interesting b-person stuff - so check out her work here.

Anyway it left me an idea

Since I started my own business my working hours has been much more flexible. But still I set my alarm clock every morning. And still I get upset when I can't seem to concentrate from 08-11 am. 


As an attempt to get back to my natural rhythm I decided to turn off my alarm clock throughout October and set my phone on Flight Mode during night. I will keep track on how many hours I sleep, and if end up around the 8 hours of sleep anyway, there is no reason to use the alarm clock ever again. 

I am quite excited about it. But also I find it hard to let go of such a fixed routine.

I will keep you updated on the project ;)