My decision making tool / by Nelli Arnth

Last weekend I did a talk at Spinnaker Nordics friday event Spin & Bobler

I was invited to talk about how I build my brand and how I combine business with my hobbies.

Also I told about the decision making tool that I developed half a year ago. I did some research on this topic and found that no existing tool really worked for me. This is obviously due to how I mix the more soft personal values in my company goal - for example I ask myself these types of questions before working for a client: Do this project make me happy or excited? Do I help people on a deeper level by doing this task (charity), or is it only about business? 

Of course I could not run a healthy studio (money-wise) if I wasn't concerned with making money. And I sure am (the more money I make, the more I can travel, plant fruit trees and invest in my company).

Rating all my projects and comparing them now and then give me a visuel heads-up on where I'm going and whether this month was good for my wallet or my heart - or hopefully both.

To me starting my own business was not about making more money. Making money is a "sub" goal. To me it is about the process. I am focusing way more on my process goal, than on my destination goal. I am concerned with how it felt throughout the journey, rather than focusing on reaching a turnover of DKK. I want a happy everyday life. Thats it.

All types of goals come with great responsibility. And when I started to loose track on my progress in the company, I became aware that I needed a tool to survey the situation.

I have refined the tool gradually, but for the last 4 months it has looked the same. So now I am ready to share it with you.

The tool consists of 6 values/parametres.
When I start a new project or get a new client I go through these questions:

  • Moneyz
    Do I make money here and now?

  • Professional development
    Do I learn something new? (fx a new program/system, a new tool, new knowledge)

  • Network
    Do I get to meet new exciting people?

  • Branding/storytelling
    Does it help me tell my story? Is it something I can share on social media?

  • Goodwill
    Do I help somebody? Do I give something back to society? (not business - but in a charity-perspective)

  • Happiness/excitement
    Does it makes me happy? Am I excited to start the project?

This tool has helped me a lot. It keeps me balanced both business-wise and mentally. 

Watch the full video of my talk here (link to Facebook):